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You’re watching a movie. With no sound.
How does it feel?
Sound is such an integral part of our being;
our way of life.
The picture is really nice but what moves us to our core is the sound.
Sound can make us cry and make us rejoice.
That's hard to do using just the image.

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2201 Recording - a studio and label run by the artist 2201

2201 is the electronic/ambient music project of Roger Hembrough, an English composer and producer from Manchester with experience in music for film, stage and multimedia. He is now based at his 2201 Recording studio in Oxfordshire UK.

He learned to play piano in his youth and was inspired by Cage, Eno, ELP, Pink Floyd, and Yes. His experimental electronic works are deeply introspective, characterised by slow shifting instrumental soundscapes aimed at encouraging a deep immersive listening experience.


"I make music about my life. I make music about life. I make music for life"


This little studio in the leafy countryside of Oxfordshire is leaving a mark on the creative community by collaborating with people just like you who deserve to be known.